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How Stupid Are We?

     The News Media is made up of silly and ignorant talk show hosts and commentators that are conformists simply because they accept payment and content from their bosses. Their bosses are dependent on the media moguls for their paychecks therefore are as obedient as your favorite pet. In school they were known as brown nosers because they had their noses up you know what of their professors or employers. Most of these news talkers read from teleprompters or notes from the desk. They are so concerned about the agenda of the network that they become out of touch with the real issues and become disconnected from the real emotions that stem from the messages they deliver. Ever notice that newsreporters are so disconnected from true feelings and emotions about the subject  they cover, that they forget they are smiling and laughing 30 seconds after delivering horrific news of tragedy, gross injustice, death and/or destruction. Its incredible how we listen to these people all day long, everyday, most of them sitting behind a desk and have no common sense toward the real world and its issues, in our effort to understand the world around us. 
     I dont know about you, but i feel that these people are out of touch with reality and only represent the agenda of their media conglomerate. It doesnt make them bad people just ignorant. We follow their ignorance blindly and therefore never grow intellectually, which many of the enlightened argue is the intention of the real big brother. Not the government, but the Financial Moguls, also known as the bankers and elite families of the world. "The Real Untouchables". These are the rule makers, they also control the news to help accomplish their goals and financial agendas. "The Rich get richer" is an understatement. Since 1913, Bankers have grown richer than in their wildest dreams and are in no way going to give up their financial grip on this country. The have constructed bills to protect their interests and lifestyles and manipulated people to help keep the common people corralled and out of touch with reality by intoxicating with nonsense news and political drama, which for the most part, is insignificant and useless to common people. These election polls, caucusses, surveys, are all crap, they are simply ploys to raise money for the preferred candidates of the bankers. They are the true puppet masters,  The newly passed Bill H.R. 1955 is the most recent ploy to protect themselves (Bankers) from you (Commoners) using the American Government as their enforcers to carry out this constitutional attrocity. Dont fault the American Government, it is just caught in the middle of the fight between the rich and the poor. The Rich can afford the government as a tool because the government owes them an infinite or unsatisfiable debt, while the Poor face a lifetime of servitude because they will always owe the government, the bankers have insured this state of financial slavery due to the incredibly high interest rates assigned and the ability to manage that rate at will. 
     They have perfected the art of Mass Distraction and practice it everyday. "We the People" accept these distractions because its easier to go with the flow rather than against it and they know this. They have broken the will and spirit of the true american and his or her hopes of a debt free American society. Some Individuals may get rich, very few will get wealthy, but the masses will never achieve financial freedom because the bankers will make sure they dont.  The American Government seems to be apathetic toward gaining financial freedom from the privately owned Federal(really non federal) Reserve Bank because that would require an effort by congress and the President which neither seems interested in tackling. The Federal Reserve holds something substantial over the American Government, which inhibits the Government from declaring bankruptcy and foregoing any and all debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank, which would give this country a fresh start. But in an attempt to protect itself from such a thing the Federal Reserve Bank made the American Government draft and enforce stricter bankruptcy laws to prevent this from ever happening. Bankers are Chess players and have perfected the game and its strategies, they think 20 moves ahead, while as americans we cant think more than 2 moves ahead maybe because we would rather be checker players and go with the flow. 
     We are very stupid when it comes to the political game and how the bankers are toying with us from behind the scenes. They have made Bush the biggest hypocrite when it comes to the spreading of freedom across the world. He preaches freedom for everyone outside the US while taking away the freedoms of American Citizens. Through the misinterpretations, misuse, and misguided enforcement of the patriot acts and all the Bills passed as a result of this anti freedom crusade against the citizens of America, the President, who swore an oath to uphold the constitution and its laws the way our founding fathers intended it to be, is now playing into the hands of the bankers, whether knowingly or not.