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Our Core Beliefs - The Essence of The Web Party -


  • Increase our space exploration funding toward developing many space stations
  • Separation of Church and State
  • WIN at all costs the War abroad against radical Islamists
  • Prevent IRAN from developing Nukes - (Militarily if Necessary) Render their silos in-operatable
  • Make better trade relations with China
  • Hold N. KOREA and Syria accountable for their actions against the US and try to encourage a peaceful relationship if at all possible if not there will be serious consequences.
  • Continue to put the pressure on the radical islamists.
  • Start a global campaign to re-educate the fundamentalists toward the peaceful side of their religion
  • Disarm all radicals
  • Build Air bases in Iraq and include them in our alliance against radicals
  • Keep enough troops in the middle east to prevent the vaccuum from forming.


  • We Support the right for women to choose but prefer life in most cases. So Pro Choice is our Stand
  • We Support the Auto Industry in its move toward Hybrids. All cars should be both electric and fuel operated. 
  • Windmills and turbines need to be developed more affordably and more readily 
  • Fuel Cells and Solar Cells must become more readily available and funded 
  • Stem cell research and its findings should become more available to the people 
  • Medicare reform must take place soon 
  • Frivolous Lawsuits and insurance waste needs to be reformed asap 
  • Special Interest Earmarks and lobbyists need to be abolished permanently.
  • Reclassify these contributions as investments in the govt as a whole and not toward individual policies 
  • Clean air policies need to be enforced


  • Legalize All Drugs - check our upcoming newsletter as to why and how it will change life as we know it. 
  • Legalize Sports Gambling in all states - this will be explained in upcoming newsletter
  • Uphold the right to bare arms as stated in Constitution
  • Recommend and enforce the Death Penalty in all states for those convicted of multiple murders
  • Punish CEO's for misappropriated funds and stealing from shareholders by making them return the money
  • Reward Immigrants that fill out the proper paperwork and proceed through proper channels
  • Punish those immigrants who do not go through proper channels by applying a mandatory garnish on all future wages 
  • Immigrant ID cards which can be the first step toward attaining social security numbers
  • Legalizing Drugs eliminates Smugglers and illegal border crossings
  • Collect taxes on legalization of Drugs and gambling, it will create many more jobs as well 
  • Stricter laws for those driving under the influence of drugs who commit vehicular crimes
  • Legalization of Drugs will have a serious impact on radical islamics because they will no longer be funded
  • Legalize Prostitution and tax it as a true business.
  • Piracy laws toward Music and Videos need to be reformed so there is no black market.
  • Bank and Lending Institution Reform is necessary to curb obscene interest rates bordering on lone sharking
  • More Money allocated for Start up businesses. 
  • Flat taxes may be something to look at in the future for those who dont possess a social security number.  
  • The Federal Reserve Bank (which is not federal at all) needs to be abolished and treated as an independent bank
  • Collection of Income Taxes is Illegal and Unconstitutional (16th Amendment) and needs to be abolished asap.
  • Taxes on Lottery Winnings and from the Legalization of drugs, gambling, and prostitution will be more than enough for the government to carry out its financial obligation to its constituents.
  • Absolutely NO ID Chip Implantations! Ever. (Exceptions may be convicted criminals: felonies only)
  • Those who commit serious Cyber Crimes should be punished as a terrorist and prosecuted as one.
  • Special Interest Groups should not be allowed to contribute to individual campaigns in exchange for future favors.
  • Special Interest Monies should go into a specialized government fund to be used by the elected Govt.

We will expand on these beliefs through our 
Newsletters, Press releases, and General articles coming soon.
Revisions are possible as we learn more about current affairs