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OBAMA Experiment has failed - He is not listening to the people and he is breaking promises



For this reason, We will be launching The Web Party earlier than originally planned. We are listening to the people and the people have had enough of this craziness, We want America Back! The change we were looking for was not socialism, It was for a Presidential Leader who could make America the best it could be as a Capitalistic Society that other countries envied and would want to emulate, not the other way around, You are destroying America everyday and shame on you for thinking of yourself and not of your Country. Your words are hollow and filled with hypocrisy and the American people are coming out of the ether enough to start noticing that there is no substance behind the rhetoric. Please understand that people were routing for you to deliver America to the promised land. You are failing everyday you listen to Pelosi, Barnie Franks, Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and just about everyone you have surrounded yourself with who are considered pinheads. America would be Great again if you switched political parties and joined conservatives and left the Constitution as is and defended it as you promised by oath to protect and defend it to the best of your abilities. You are tearing it up everyday you hang with those liberal idiots. Time for you to change sides and do the right thing, if not, The Web Party will make sure to send you back to Chicago as soon as possible. America is Nauscious and ready to throw up on you. These Tea Parties should be showing you that you are going in the wrong direction and they will not tolerate this incompetence much longer without a fight. You are creating class warfare and civil disobedience with your agenda and it will escalate as you destroy the economy with these bailouts and socialistic programs, You have become a government agent, no longer the peoples agent, you are failing to see this and what started out as a historical political event has now become America's biggest failed experiment in such a short period of time that its borders idiocrisy. You should Veto this upcoming Pork filled Earmark Bill and do as you campaigned you would do, "Earmarks will not be Tolerated ever" or forever be known from this day forward as the biggest Hypocrite ever to be elected by the American People. Your ratings are going to take a nose dive just like the stock market crash you are causing everyday. Its a shame because the People placed so much Hope on you doing the Right Thing that the disappointment will be just as great as you fail in this stupid socialistic experiment that true Americans never wanted in the first place. You somehow became delusional in your campaign believing people wanted a socialist country when all they wanted was America to lead the world through Capitalism not follow other countries into the failed socialism model that has never worked and will never work in a free society. You are making many people angry and they will not allow you to hijack their country, their money, and their rights.

You should take this advice,
Change Yourself back to the Campaigner and join the Conservatives ASAP,
or start packing your bags and be ready to move back to Chicago as a
Failed Experiment.

If you thought Rush Limbaugh was rough on you, you have seen nothing yet,
there are many more people about to come onto the scene that want to
Save America from the You and those Looney Liberals

Just imagine,
True Republicans combining with True Conservatives,
Constitutionalists, Disenchanted Democrats, Green Party, and Libertarians/Independents
all making up the newest Political Party (W)

This is the People's Party and we will reclaim our Capitalistic Country in 2012
if you dont do a 180 ASAP

Business Owners it's time to unite against Socialism,
Join The Web Party Today to Reclaim our Country tomorrow.