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What The Evening News Forgot to Tell You Last Week

Item:  Most Americans don't realize that late last year Mr. Obama authorized an immense compromise of U.S. sovereignty by authorizing the International Police Organization to enter the United States at will and for them, InterPol that is, to actually have greater powers within our borders than the FBI.  Recently Iran has taken to using Interpol to chased down its "criminals" actually political exiles.  In the wake of conservative outcry in this country, the list of Iranian fugitives has been removed from the Interpol "fugitives" list.  Purportedly some Interpol officials have said -- off the record -- that they personally would never violate U.S. sovereignty to arrest Iranian political prisoners and they don't know anyone in their organization that would either.   That's all very nice, but Mr. Obama had no way of knowing that . . . In any case Iran last week began putting pressure on Interpol to live up to its duty to the individual countries (in this case, to Iran) and start making some arrests in cases of well-known "criminals" with well known addresses.  So push has come to shove . . . the Interpol charter forbids tracking of political fugitives but, of course, one man's political fugitive is another's abject criminal.  We'll see . . . .

Item: WOW! Today, the cap and trade bill was introduced into the senate after a huge hiatus since it barely passed in the house about eleven months ago. Except, oooops, it’s now wearing a different name. It’s called “America’s Power* Act,” these days. The hoopla is incredible. This bill is really great . . . purportedly cures  cancer (actually make our environment far healthier they say), saves the planet, cures the economy by creating jobs (actually green policies in Spain took them from 3% unemployment to its present 21%  unemployment disaster now) and gives Obama a hell of a lot more control over the United States’ free markets.  Rajjpuut believes only the last claim is accurate, not to mention the huge conflict of interest scandals involving Obama and Gore and about thirty cronies and six or seven major leftwing foundations. See the story and links at the bottom of the page. U.N. bigwig Maurice Strong of Canada called the “Godfather of Global Climate Change” (who has personally benefitted to the tune of several millions of dollars from Al Gore speaking to congress on behalf of Strong’s “Molten Metal Co." and who is a participant of Gore-Obama-Joel Rogers’ Chicago Climate eXchange ) is the major driver of this bill -- yep, a foreigner in league with our Joel Rogers and others.    A conservative blog listed below gives us a picture of the colorful Mr. Strong.


Item: German citizens are up in arms about bailing out Greece and the European Union as reflected in newspapers there running headlines loosely translated as “We are now the schmucks of Europe yet again^^,” “German taxpayers bailing out the Euro, again” and “European hands reach deep into our pockets.” Germans believe that Greece and the EU will drag them down the drain with them. For us here in this country think of “Greece R Us” as the blueprint for the USA’s future financial calamaties thanks to outlandish irresponsibility in Congress and the Oval Office.

Item: It’s illegal to break into my house and to break into my country also. However, California communities and the state of California itself are boycotting or considering boycotting Arizona based upon that state’s immigration law trying to enforce that state’s and the nation’s borders. Not mentioned in all this, the policies and laws of numerous cities and counties in California, particularly in Southern California that amount to little more than “sanctuary policies” for those who traffic in illegal aliens and rent shoddy “safehouses” as stopovers. Since California is finding schools, hospitals and the entire state overloaded with welfare problems, crime problems,  and totally bankrupt . . . hmmmm, whose ideas are bankrupt anyway?
Item: A few months ago, a bi-partisan vote established Pay-Go which sounded like an actual piece of fiscal intellect by the congress. The idea was simple, any vote requiring expenditures must also include a way to pay for the new law: either a tax increase or elimination of another program. To date at every chance to use Pay-Go, the Dems have either by-passed it by declaring the new bill an "emergency" or just outright ignored it while at every instance the minority G.O.P. has sought to enforce it.

Item: For some reason, the total lack of response by Barack Obama and his administration to the horrific flooding in Tennesse, Kentucky and the Cumberland River area for about ten days now; and to yesterday’s Oklahoma tornadoes . . . no response at all, so far as Rajjpuut can tell . . . this problem has not been reported on by the mainstream media. If this was George W. Bush we’d have the progressive press and broadcast media in fits . . . but Mr. Obama rates an unending pass on their criticism, of course.   The oil spill in the gulf is news of a future great tragedy  but these are monstrous disasters NOW which the president is ignoring.

Item: Several economists are suggesting that the bailout of Greece (some of the money comes from U.S. taxpayers) is a band-aid stuck on the carotid artery. Their projections for Greece’s total collapse vary from one to two years down the road.

Item: Two more long-time incumbents have been ousted in primary voting. Utah Republican Senator Bennett and a less high profile West Virginia Democratic Senator Allan Mollohan with 55 years of experience between them are both now out of the picture. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania is now at risk in his upcoming primary. Besides their long-time incumbent status, all three men have the label “big spender” attached to them and favored the stimuli and bailouts.  Specter and Mollohan voted for Obamacare.  Fiscal conservatives are making their preferences known; is all this a “referendum” on Obama policies? Well yes and no. Bennett is a Republican, remember. More on Mollohan in a few sentences . . . . Minimal government is the hope of fiscal conservatives and little-known ideas for Washington, D. C. like fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, and eliminating debt are very popular on Main Street. The U.S. government normally runs a surplus in the month of April. Last year the deficit in April was $20 Billion about 25% of that deficit belonged to Barack Obama. This year, the first entirely under Obama’s administration the budget deficit was $82.7 Billion. Oh speaking of deficits, W. Va.’s Mollohan not only had been running as a fiscal-conservative and against Obamacare, but he was also one of the twelve House Democratic “pro-life” group opposing Obamacare who flip-flopped at the very last moment with Bart Stupak and the other ten to allow the bill to become law by three votes. Stupak, of course, refused to run. Obamacare, now according to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest figures will not cut deficits as promised but actually increases the deficits. The FBI has recently been investigating Mollohan’s ethics recently. Rajjpuut is SO surprised.

Item: Oh, oh the worm has turned . . . Widely reviled by the left, Bush’s faith-based initiatives were considered evidence that Bush was a “religious zealot” aiming to destroy America with evil Christianity. Now, sixteen months into the Obama administration, we are seeing what Obama intends to do with his continuation of Bush’s faith-based offices: he wants to use them to push the religion of Green-faith on America’s churches. You may have heard news reports of “faith-based” groups aligned under the banners of "climate change leadership" and 'eco-justice" now are getting behind Obama’s Cap and Trade legislation a.k.a. the “American Power Act.”   Except, guess what, the majority of the groups involved are the religious sect for which Jeremiah Wright preaches and roughly 90% of their membership is Black (Blacks voted 95.8% for Obama in 2008) no surprise these two groups are Obama supporters. At the bottom of their website they show a link to “DemocracyinAction.org” which it turns out is a Marxist group who’s main concern is wealth redistribution. 

Item: http://politicallydrunk.blogspot.com/2008/10/web-archives-confirm-barack-obama-was.html

Here is a factoid that the mainstream news media has still not reported upon:  it seems that Obama’s claims that the “New Party” and the “Democratic Socialists of America Party” that supported Barack Obama’s campaign efforts in 1995 not only were both socialist organizations But the claims of both groups that Obama was never a member of them . . . were both lies.   Hmmm, that makes 18 months without the mainstreamers letting America know Obama’s true colors . . . five months without letting Americans know the facts about Climate Gate: . . .




and roughly a month now has gone by without the U.S. mainstream media investigating or even mentioning the connections between Obama, Al Gore, Joel Rogers, Goldman Sachs et. al and several progressive foundations in a scheme to defraud the United States economy of “Ten Trillion dollars” the estimate according to CCX participant Richard Sandor. The Chicago Climate Exchange would enrich this group greatly (from carbon exchange commissions) and raise virtually all prices in the country by roughly 67%.@@@



Ya’all live long, strong and ornery


** America's POWER Act?   Think of it as a monstrous TRANSFER of America’s money and power to Zimbabwe, etc. and other poorer countries around the globe via U.N. programs created and advanced by Maurice Strong’s efforts.

^^ Schmucks Again??? What does that mean? After World War I, the U.S. allowed England and especially France to RAPE the German economy with the evil Treaty of Versailles. Without Versailles' corruption, Nazis don’t exist, Hitler doesn’t exist and World War II never happens. Rajjpuut who lived in Germany as a boy,  collected German stamps from the post World War I era with one or two horizontal lines running across them. For example the number 500 DM on an early 1922 stamp might be lined out and the number 2,500 DM might be printed over the stamp’s original coloring. Or later at the height of the runaway inflation the two-lined out stamps might show 80,000 DM is lined out and replaced with 300,000 DM which is itself lined out and 1, 000,000 DM printed over both of them.  All this is more dramatic if the reader realizes that four Deutsch Marks exchanged for an American Dollar about 1916.  Germany was ruined by runaway inflation (see the Erich Maria Remarque book “The Black Obelisk” for a graphic portrayal of the events leading up to Adolf Hitler) and the World was later ruined by Germany.
@@  In a $15 TRillion economy $25 TRillion worth of expensese for the same number of goods and services means
$10 TRillion/$15 TRillion or 67%.  CCX, should it exist, would be selling "blue sky" literally.