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The Obama Files by Darla of Resistnet.com
Darla, ADMIN / National Director

The Obama Files

Pelosi Dossier 1 Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Hallinan Clan

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The Obama Files
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Darla Dawald is the National Director of ResistNet.com a Grassfire Nation website. Darla was like most Americans taking responsibility to vote in major Presidential elections and occasional local elections but after the 2008 Presidential election, Darla realized how many people did not take time to vet the candidates they were voting for and realized that she needed to delve deeper into the political process.

October 31st , 2008 Darla was forced to close her business due to the economy. It was shortly after that in December, that Grassfire.com launched their new website called The Patriotic Resistance (www.resistNet.com). Darla joined the new social network and immediately was immersed looking for ways to assist Americans in their quest to restore America to its founding principles. Darla began developing a Resource Library and in January 2009 had put together a team of volunteers to plan and implement a major march on DC with Tea Parties at every State Capitol.
In early February, Steve Elliott, one of the owners of Grassfire Nation noticed the momentum and the efforts of Darla Dawald and offered her a position. In April the ResistNet team partnered with Freedomworks and Darla became one of the 3 National Coordinators for the historic Taxpayers March in DC on 9/12/2009. The event was highly successful with an estimated 1.7 million in attendance.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their time, talent, and resources, to the effort, they have accomplished to organize and unite many groups within the conservative movement including many Tea Party members, 9/12ers, and other conservative organizations. Darla Dawald, the Grassfire and ResistNet Teams, volunteers, and members are dedicated to resisting in a peaceful, patriotic way, the efforts to move our nation away from our heritage of individual liberties toward “brave new world” of collectivism. Grassfire Nation and ResistNet has teamed with the Tea Party Express Tours II and III in an effort to show unity, support, and desire to educate the conservative movement how to Flip the House in 2010!

Darla has worked as a Healthcare Administrator, Public Speaker and Trainer, Small Business Consultant, and Specialty Gift Store/Event Planner. Darla and her husband Jeff reside in Arizona and have 3 dogs that are like their children, Gunnar, Dante, and Chanel. The Dawalds are committed to taking America back to limited government and Christian principles!