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The Web Party is FED up to Here!
So Now that we have diagnosed the problem and understand the nature of this Bank Disease and its effect on the American Government and the American People. We understand that it is spreading everyday like wildfire and that a doctor whether he or she is a Democrat or Republican cannot stop its progression, they might slow it down or speed it up but they are in no position to remove it completely. The scariest part of this evaluation is that the candidates now rumnning are more like laywers and orators than doctors so we might be in trouble til 2012 when frustrations will be peaking at its highest levels and maybe the Web Party will Arise as a legitimate 3rd Party with its own candidate who will definately be someone who will exorcise the Federal Reserve Bank from our government. Our Campaign will have to be a unique one because the Banks will control the money, the media, the special interests, and much of our Government by that time. Fear Not, The Minute Men (Web Men) will rise up again to take control as the Web Party will win the 2012, if not,we will definately win the 2016 election and will Return America to Americans. Our Ideas are based on pure knowledge and love of country. Stay tuned as our Campaign has began.
Apr 28, 2008